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Formerly Third Coast Rubber Stamps

Founded in 1994, Third Coast Rubber Stamps sold high-quality art rubber stamps via mail order until 2012.  Major life changes required me to close Third Coast and a take a critical personal hiatus from the business.  The much needed time off allowed me to rest from the seven day a week grind, spend time volunteering with homeless dogs and cats in Houston, and reboot my soul.  Now it's time to fire up the engines once again and get back in the rubber grove. 

I now split my year between Houston, Texas and the Vail Valley in Colorado.  The regional change for home base inspired a new name, Third Stone Stamps.  Along with that is a totally new online experience.  I will initially be selling only existing stock, so image availability will be limited.  Once I can assess customer interest, we may go back into production of old designs and add new images as well. 

I want to thank the loyal customers, artists and stamp industry folks who supported me all of those years.  I know the closing of Third Coast was abrupt, and I hope you'll give us a try again.

Valerie Johnson, Owner
Third Stone Rubber Stamps

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